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Dance Workshops

Dance - Love -  Freedom

Dancing Body & Creativity

Dance from Darkness to Light

Slow Dance Jam

7 Chakra Dance

Dance: Medicine & Prayer







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Dance - Love - Freedom

In this energetic and creative Dance Workshop we dance the passionate play between love and freedom, male and female, heart and hara.

It is for all who love to dance barefoot and enjoy free dancing in a meditative and playful atmosphere. And for those who enjoy to explore and learn about there inner qualities through movement and free dance.

Love is like water: flowing
Let your movements be round, soft and sensual. Experience grace, beauty and trust when you let go, flow and melt in your dance.

Freedom is like fire: no compromise and wild.
Discover strength through focused movements, feeling the power which is arising in your body. Dancing your dance without compromise. Fully present and striving for freedom.

Enjoy this Dance Workshop in which we explore and play with the qualities of love and freedom. Moving from one to the other. Learning to find balance.

"Man and woman - both should be soft like a rose leaf and strong like a sword, this changing duality from a rose leaf to a sword makes your life richer.“ Osho

Methods: free dance with given themes, Trance/ Visualisation, Meditation, Dance Meditation, sharings, creating a dance which express LOVE and FREEDOM like in old templedances.


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Dancing Body and Creativity

Enjoy pur life energy dancing and playing through you.

Experience new movements and new feelings through creative dance

This dance workshop teaches you the natural body movements and you learn to find variations: in space, rhythm, form, dynamics and passion.

You will learn natural possible movements in different parts of your beautiful body and you have space and time to experiment, play and dance with them:

- legs & pelvis grounding, strength, security, sexuality, joy
 - arms & chest  connection to the heart, drama & love
 - spine flexibility, support, alignement, holding, flow, sensuality
 - rhythm & space  
dancing in all dimensions, quick & slow, different rhythms....
 - present with yourself & others

This  dance group enriches your body movements so that pure life joy can dance through you in all dimensions.

Have fun, dance, meditate, play and be creative...

Methods: free dance, guided exercises, guided meditation, dance meditation, sharings, creativ dance



Dance from Darkness to Light

This Dance Workshop is an alive and creative opportunitiy to explore and experience the depth of your darkness and the beauty of your inner light.

To explore the darkness you will dance in a room with very little light.

Allowing the body to move in it´s own wisdom, making faces, dancing your hidden feelings, let your darkness dance with all of its qualities: power, anger, shyness, fear, strength and passion.......

Every hero has to go to the depth of the darkness to become whole again. In the darkness you find your treasures, gold, diamonds, creativity and joy.

Light can only be understood with the wisdom of the darkness.

To experience your inner light you will dance in a room full of light.

Dance your essence, potential, your light in all it´s qualities: beauty, lightness, space, fire, tenderness and passion......

The biggest fear is not do be small, it is to shine in your own light.

Dance This

Methods: free dance, guided themes, guided meditation, dance meditation, sharings, create and choreograph a dance of monsters and a dance of beauty and your bliss nature.


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7 Chakra Dance

Enjoy dancing through your 7 Chakras 

pleasure for your body
joy for your heart &
bliss for your soul 

Chakras are energy centers located along your spine.
From the base to the top.
They have a physical dimension and a spiritual dimension.

Life energy flows through them and connects you from the earth and to the sky, from body to soul, wild and sacred.
They each have specific gifts to live life. 

sense - breathe - feel - move - open - dance 

In this Chakra Dance Group you will sense each Chakra where it is along your spine. You breathe and feel into each Chakra. Let the dance come from within, your own unique movements. 

Dancing each Chakra is energizing them,
it reconnects you with its specific gifts,
awakes self healing powers
and is so much fun: 

Dance wildly, sexy, sensual & playful, dance strongly & powerfully, let your love flow, experience the joy of creative dance, intuitive and sacred. 

Learn about and explore there energies.

We also do specific meditations for each Chakra and you have space to share. 

Dance and Meditation can open and strengthen your own energy field in each Chakra:

7. Chakra - crown chakra 

connection to the divine, inner pease

color: white, violet,
element: space, being
sound: OM

6. Chakra - third eye chakra 

Intuition, divination, vision,
color: indigo,
element: time,
sense: sixth sense
sound: KSCHAM 

5. Chakra - throat chakra 

communication, authentic expression, individuality,
color: light blue,
element: ether,
sense: hearing
sound: HAM 

4. Chakra - heart chakra 

unconditional love, surrender, compassion, joy of the heart,
color: pink, light green, gold,
element: air,
sense: touch
sound: YAM

3. Chakra - solar plexus chakra 

strength of life, worth, thoughts, beliefs, will power, healthy boundaries
power color: yellow,
element: fire,
sense: to see
sound: RAM 

 2. Chakra - sacral chakra 

body, emotions, joy of life, sensuality, sexuality, relationship, playfulness
color: orange,
element: water,
sense: taste
sound: VAM 

1. Chakra - base/root chakra 

Life force, basic trust, grounding, wild sexuality
color: red
element: earth
sense: smell
sound: LAM 

Dancing awakens each chakras essence to flower in you
so that you can live your life with all their gifts, colors and juice. 





2slow danceJam


Enjoy and explore dancing together.

Slow Dance Jam is a slow free dance, moving together with different partners. Finding the right distance so that you can dance joyfully, sensual and heartful.

Dance & flow & meet others, sensual melting, creative play in the moment, energetic happenings.....

Slow Dance Jam empowers your presence, activates your senses and frees endorphines. This deeper dance contact is nurishing and warms you from inside.

We create a respectful space in which you can explore dancing close and with a distance. Body contact only if you like.

You can learn to set healthy boarders, dance your potential & stay truthful to yourself.
Real connection you feel in your body! It gives you joy.

And with every new dance partner you meet a different part of yourself.